A leader in High Purity Quartz Exploration in Quebec

Message: HPQ exciting 2019 into 2020

I don’t see the enthusiasm here yet but in 4 months’ time things should get really exciting and so goes the share price. I do believe recent 0.06 was the lows. Will see. But see below list of events. 



•  Output capacity of 50 tonnes per year; Operational Mid 2019

•  First demonstration Solar Cell from HPQ UMG SoG Si expected end 2019

•  Improving Process, Scaling, Seeking Customers, Preparing For Commercialization

•  Order of first 2,500 tonnes per year commercial plant planned in 2020

•  Converting 50 TPA pilot plant to produce and sell High Purity Silicon Powders for the Silicon

Anode market for Lithium Ion batteries by 2020

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