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Dear Saint,

What I can say is that there is nothing significant to report in the latest update, we are still in a questions and answers phase, as we previously reported.

For internal reasons, on September 13, 2019, we submitted a "maintenance of applications" filing requesting more time before submitting a "written opinion".

Requesting a delay does trigger the issuance of new filling that states « Application deemed to be withdrawn (non-reply to Written Opinion) ».   As we will submit the opinion before the end of the extension, this not issue.

For peoples not accustomed to the patent process, seeing such a comment may be seen as something negative, but as I have explained, it all part of the process.  

Rest assured that before replying, I took the time to double-check with PyroGenesis and our Patent agent.

Hope this answers your question


Bernard Tourillon

President and CEO



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