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Message: Question for Bernard

Dear fellow shareholder,

Please understand that my answers are always limited by the fact that I cannot divulge any material information (that includes giving any indication about future timing of updates) via any discussion’s forums or in replies to emails sent to my attention.

Regarding your first question, interest from the silicon industry, you do realize that is a very general question, the market for Si is very large, involves multitude players with each of them have very diverse business models.

What you need to realize is that buyers for most of the Markets describe on page 7 of our latest presentation(1 N to 2N) only care about price quote and purity specs and since we need data from the Gen3 to validate our price points, now is not the time for is to do that. 

Furthermore, as our business model is more focus on advance Si materials for end buyers needing higher purity than 2N Si until the Gen3 is operational, we are not in a position to send them samples.

While I would have more to say at a later date, at this point, I will stop my first answer here.

Regarding your second comment: “If I was involved in the silicon industry whether for lower grade silicon or higher purity silicon I would be asking for samples if this process is truly game-changing”.

Don’t take this as a critic, but that question makes it very clear that you are not involved in the Silicon industry.

It is NOT the end product that we are doing that is game-changing, but it is our PROCESS and COST to make it that is …

And our process will only be validated by the GEN3.

So, like all of us, the people of the industry are waiting for the pilot plant before passing judgement, and like many investors, I have spoken with, they don’t care if by waiting for Gen 3 confirmation implies that they will be paying a higher price…

Regarding your third comment: “Your production is going to be very limited until you build up so if a company was really interested in the technology they would be getting in as early as possible I would think.”

I don’t agree with that statement, as I have stated before, it is NOT the end product that we are doing that is game-changing, but it is our PROCESS and COST to make it that is…

Furthermore, looking for “industry interest” now implies that HPQ shareholders will have to give up some part of our future revenues stream to get it…

Being patient and waiting until the technology is proven at Gen3 level, eliminate the need to give up anything and we will be able to dictate more the terms with the buyers.

And that is what we are doing…

Regarding your final comment: “Can you give us some idea of the interest from other companies and an estimate of how many samples have been requested? I know you can't be specific, but I think it is important to know if the people in the industry have shown some interest in this process.

Not at this time.


Bernard Tourillon
President and Ceo



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