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Message: Question for Bernard

Thanks for the quick response, I really appreciate the opportunity to ask questions on this forum. One of the reasons for my questions about industry interest and test samples was from one of the articles released in August which stated "Throughout H2 the company will be meeting with industry participants and, by the end of H2, start sending test material from the Gen2 unit with a goal of booking orders for material produced by the Gen3 Plant, as soon as operationally feasible".  I understand that these timelines are a bit delayed so they would be pushed back a bit. So I am taking from your reply that this is no longer the case and you will be waiting for the completion of Gen3 to send out material. I seem to remember also that you stated that you will be producing material from the Gen2 as well for sale so it is a bit confusing. I know this is going to sound a bit negative on my part but I am fully supportive of this company, I am just doing my DD as every shareholder should. I do believe this process will be successful but as you mentioned in your response I am not knowledgable in this industry so I have to ask questions.      

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