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Message: Well...

Seeing as Gen 3 is already completed being prepared for testing and Lithium-ion battery manufacturers are already eager to see our attainable HPQ 3N SILICON AND Apollon SAS already ready to start manufacturing porous silicon wafers for lithium-ion batteries WITH HPQ 3N SILICON ... *gasps for air*... I can understand why interim plans have switched up. And why not if you can get to market much faster with a material you know you can produce and sell with significant returns, quote CEO AND PRESIDENT OF HPQ SILICON BERNARD TOURILLON, "We wil be able to come up with a solution where we can meet their price demand amd for us to generate SIGNIFICANT RETURNS FOR OUR SHAREHOLDERS and we dont need to raise billions of dollars in capital for that."... ***CHUGS GLASS OF WATER***

We bought samples of the product currently being used by lithium-ion battery manufacturers for the price of.... $28/G!!! $28,000/kg!!! $28,000,000/t... I know we will not be selling it at this price as per Mr.Tourillon's previous quote, but still... SIGNIFICANT RETURNS....AND MARKET CONTROL.

CEO CREDIBILITY ABOUT TO GO THROUGH THE ROOF, thus making the path to solar ALOT easier to internally finance seeing as internal barriers such as testing and manufacturing specs. & req. are going to be costly and take time AND EXTERNAL BARRIERS such as energy storage capacity for PV systems. QUOTE CEO AND PRESIDENT OF HPQ SILICON BERNARD TOURILLON, "Multiple projects in parallel moving in steps in the right direction."

Risk assessment??? QUOTE CEO AND PRESIDENT OF HPQ SILICON BERNARD TOURILLON, "We only need to demonstrate that we can reach 90% conversion yield, which for us doesn't seem to be that big of a technical challenge for multiple reasons that are sort of internal to us. That's our "big" challenge to get the system to work there(Gen3)".

I can't wait for the New Release coming out any day now stating "GEN 3 COMPLETED AND READY TO START TESTING FOR INTERNAL AND POTENTIAL CLIENTS, FOLLOWED BY AN ORDER FROM APOLLON SOLAR SAS.", because if you have been paying attention to this company, that is what is coming next.

Ps; yes HPQ 3N SILICON can be used for both porous and other silicon types as HPQ 3N SILICON is the raw material needed for all those final products. 

PSS; I believe Gen 3 will produce near twice its estimated Tonne Per Yer capacity. 

PSSS; if you are going to invest into something you dont understand, I suggest really really trying to do some hard research instead of spewing your cynical rhetoric on bullboards cause of your lack of comprehension of what is going on, or at least learn how to ask unbiased questions and take all answers from strangers with a grain of salt and leave it at that.


Happy Trading!

Yours  truly,

 *Everything unquoted is my opinion. 

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