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Message: Delay of pilot plant project...

Good morning Peter.  As you stated...“As previously discussed, a good part of the past year saw us divert assets from paying projects to non-paying projects.   Just wondering why this important information was not relayed to HPQ shareholders while news releases and interviews on this site indicated that the pilot plant was on schedule for the 4th quarter after being delayed from a previous years report of the 3rd quarters expected build. Can you expand on what length of time  "a good part of the year actually is?  This does little to maintain the credibility of either HPQ or PYR in the investor mind as you can see by the lack of invester confidence now with both share prices wallowing in the dirt. Are we to believe that the first quarter of 2020 will see the pilot plant operational now, or should we be expected to close our eyes and imagine that everything is being completed and on schedule?  Where is the transparency in this case? Respectfully yours, Deslug1.

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