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Message: Short report

 Although the short sales report shows a decline in short sales trades, volume and value and it looks like the shorters are retreating, do not let your guard down, they will use every tactics to get the best of you.

That decrease indicates that they have succeeded to fool some shareholders to sell them their shares, or simply that they have not reported all their short transactions.

The only way their stratagem works, is to get someone to sell them some shares, otherwise they just keep on exchanging shares from one shorters account to another.

On occasions, people will be able to grab some share away from them, that forces them to increase their short position to keep the downward pressure.

Their system works by creating confusion and uncertainty about the stock they are attacking, they then can easily extort unsuspecting retail investors. And we certainly saw many examples of their dis-information campaign on the forums lately.

The fact that the market surveillance authority are so permissive, allows them to keep on doing it, but at some point, the lack of sellers and an influx of new buyers, will force them to cover their shorts.

Do not sell them your shares at a discount price. Get informed, not manipulated. Do your due diligence.

Pyrogenesis knows Purevap is working and understand it’s incredible potential, and they have decided that even at .60 a share it is still a very good investment, otherwise, they would have invested their money somewhere else. Their actions speaks louder than any anonymous strangers on the internet.  You will not have an opportunity like this one several times in your life, do not let shorters sabotage it.

HPQ’s current share price is at a discount and a good occasion to buy, not sell.

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