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Message: Question for Bernard RE GEN3 PUREVAP™ QRR:

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I am reposting this flagged directly  to you as another poster suggested it would be lost in the " incessant background noise. "



Can you confirm that the GEN 4 is not expected to operational until at least Q2  2025 as you have repeatedly stated including  in your Aug 5 2022 presentation. 

As per the Aug 5 2022  presentation the Gen 3  was to start Q1 2022 and as it didnt power up  until  Oct 6 will  the  schedule on page 20  likely be delayed a further 6 months .

Also can you confirm you will also have to raise an estimated 40 million to build Gen 4  should  you decide to proceed with a commercial unit .

On a side note  it would be nice for investors  if you could produce a quick video for youtube showing the  machine actually operating or the plasma torch  being tested, ground  quartz in, silicon out .  Maybe show the unit opened up durlng inspection such as shown in the image with the charcoal. 

Both HPQ and PYR severly suffer from the lack of tech videos on social media to "excite " potential tech investors. I cannot even locate a PYR video showing a plasma torch operating let alone destroying stuff for fun. Blentec's "will it blend" was extremely effective  advertising on social media.


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