Developing Processes For The Low-Cost Manufacturing Of High Purity Silicon Metals For Next-Generation Lithium-ion Batteries

Delivered First Batch of Silicon Material Samples to World-Leading High-Performance Material Company

Message: Interview with CEO


A while back there was an interview schedule for Peter Pascali with someone called Pennyqueen.  That interview was cancelled and I was wondering why and why it hasn't been rescheduled?

It would also be great to know why there have been no real interviews at all by independent journalists or interviewers. Lots with George here on agoracom, but this is a paid promo site. Anyone seeing interviews here are likely already shareholders, wouldn't some interviews elsewhere attract new eyes and new shareholders?  

Perhaps Richard Dufour, business reporter at La Presse? He says he's reached out for comment for previous articles, why not set up an interview with him and set the record straight? 

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