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Message: VIDEO - HPQ Silicon and Impact Funding Europe Partner for Green Technology Advancement

HPQ Silicon has announced a significant partnership through a MOU with Impact Funding Europe (IFE), aiming to enhance their green technology projects. This collaboration seeks to leverage HPQ’s innovative silicon and silica-based technologies alongside IFE’s expertise in securing European Union funding, focusing on advancing sustainable industrial practices towards achieving global net-zero emissions.


Key Components of the HPQ-IFE Collaboration:

Focused Funding Initiatives: The partnership aims to utilize EU programs that may cover substantial project costs, prioritizing New Battery Technology and Green Hydrogen. This financial support is crucial for HPQ Silicon as it develops technologies like the PUREVAP™ Quartz Reduction Reactors and silicon-based anode materials for batteries.


Expertise and Track Record:

IFE’s success in international grant writing enhances HPQ’s capabilities to secure funding. The MOU plans to incorporate HPQ’s technologies into major EU-funded initiatives, tapping into the extensive funding available for the Green Deal and Industry Transformation, which exceeds 100 Billion EUR annually.


Anticipated Outcomes and Strategic Impact:

Advancing Technological Development: The collaboration is expected to expedite HPQ’s projects, particularly in creating low-cost, zero-emission silicon production and advanced materials for batteries. It also aims to explore the role of silicon in sustainable hydrogen production, furthering energy innovations.


Expanding Market Reach: 

Aligning with IFE allows HPQ to access broader European funding opportunities, enhancing its position as a leader in sustainable technology. This alliance aims to boost HPQ’s operational capabilities and market presence in the green technology field.


Leadership Perspective:

"We are excited to collaborate with Impact Funding Europe to unlock opportunities for securing EU funding in the fields of Green Hydrogen and New Battery Technology," said Bernard Tourillon, President and CEO of HPQ Silicon. "This partnership highlights our commitment to innovation and a sustainable future."


The MOU between HPQ Silicon and IFE signifies a pivotal step for HPQ in the global sustainability arena. It positions the company to significantly influence the development of green technologies, aligning with global efforts towards environmental sustainability. This collaboration promises to drive technological advancements and market expansion, positioning HPQ Silicon as a key player in the green technology sector and a compelling investment in the small-cap market.

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