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Announces Acquisition Agreement Valuing the Company at $33.3 Million

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HS GovTech Solutions Inc. “is empowering governments efficiency” which in turn has powered them to become an industry leading technology company providing both enterprise and mobile internet-based applications to over 500 state, local and federal government organizations across North America.


More Than Just Lip Service



  • Total revenues for FY22 increased by 6% to $6.03M from FY21.
  • Subscription revenues grew by 14% to $4.47 million in FY22, with the largest contract's full-year subscription revenue to be recognized in FY23.
  • Professional services revenue in FY22 was $1.56 million, and FY23 is expected to include a significant amount of contracted professional services delivery.
  • Annual Recurring Revenue under contract increased to $6.01 million at December 31, 2022, compared to $4.16 million at December 31, 2021.
  • FY22 built momentum and energy in customer markets, with plans to carry it forward into FY23.


(all comparisons are to Q2 2022, unless otherwise noted)

  • Total revenues increased in Q2-23 to $2.04 million, vs.  $1.83 million, an increase of 11%
  • Subscription revenues increased to $1.46 million, vs. $1.08 million.
  • Professional Services revenues decreased to $0.58 million, vs. $0.75 million.
  • Adjusted EBITDA improved to a loss of $0.58 million, vs. a loss of $0.87 million.
  • Annual Recurring Revenue under contract increased to $6.48 million at June 30, 2023, compared to $6.01 million at December 31, 2022, and $4.82 million at June 30,2022.

As discussed in the Company's Q2 sales update on July 11, 2023, once all deals awarded through the end of Q2-23 are fully executed, ARR is expected to increase to $7.1 million.



  • Riverside County California (New)           $1.3M
  • Sacramento County California               $1.55M
  • Fraser Health, BC                                 $1.01M
  • Larimer County, Colorado and Ogle County, Illinois $517,400
  • Anaheim Fire and Rescue Department $193,990
  • $340,000 in New Contracts with Health Canada, Johnson County, MO, Shelby County, TN and KFLA in Ontario



  •  $5.2 Million financings closed 




·       HS GovTech Solutions' HSCloud Suite platform is one of the only self-serve enterprise SaaS platforms in the government space.

·       The company is focused on revolutionizing every aspect of the regulatory process within state, provincial and local government; from licensing to inspections, to disease surveillance, to financial management. HealthSpace's platform handles it all.

·       HS GovTech Solutions is now entering the FinTech space by developing an online and mobile payment platform that streamlines the intake of government revenue for the agencies it serves.








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HS GovTech offers a SaaS platform that combines back-office data management, field staff mobile apps & online engagement for private industries. Products include:






Fully Configurable, User Friendly, Cloud Platform




      Organizes data in a user-friendly manner.

      Retrieves necessary documents, forms, and information quickly and easily.

      Reduces staff backlog and the need for IT.



     Organizes government’s interaction with the public in a simple and efficient manner.

     Simplifies routine processes i.e. issuing permits for local businesses, issuing fines, performing health and safety inspections, and managing disease surveillance.



      Provides the public with self service capabilities.

      Customer-facing platforms simplify interactions with government.

      Provides significant time and cost savings.

      Enhances speed of revenue collection.





Conduct paperless field inspections from any place, at any time with our intuitive suite of native apps for iOS, Android and Windows.




My Health Department

My Health Department (MyHD) is an interactive dashboard that positions HealthSpace as an extension of government. MyHD acts as a conduit for direct communication between private industry and government agencies and allows for future revenue-generating opportunities for HealthSpace.






      Private Industry Compliance

      Physical Payments & Manual Paperwork

      State & Local Government

      Back-Office Information & Filing





An Online Mobile Payment Platform


Creating a unified online and mobile payment platform for government revenue collection.

      Business Pay Required Fees

      0.5-1% Per Transaction Revenue

      Gov’t Departments Use Funds for Operation


Government agencies collect more than $1bn annually in licensing fees in the U.S. alone.



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A full featured telegov and telehealth conferencing platform that is fully integrated within HSCloud.


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Significant Market Opportunity Within Government Tech


Environmental Health ($120m+ ARR)

      Permit restaurants, pools, hotels and more

      Ensure food safety

      Regulate millions of private businesses

      80,000+ Users

Public Health ($180m+ ARR)

      Contact tracing

      Disease surveillance

      Case tracking and patient monitoring

      120,000+ Users


Agriculture ($20m+ ARR)

      Track food supply-chain

      Permit farms and packaging plants

      Regulate large scale food facilities

      15,000 Users



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