Hole 116: 2.5 Metres Grading 70.34% U3O8 / #10-200: 22.5 Metres Grading 11.3% U3O8 / #30: 69 metres grading 2.33% U3O8 / #10-188B: 7.5 metres grading 29.98% U3O8


Message: wednesday morning

HAT looks poised for a big reversal in share price..................

posted on Oct 26, 2008 05:33AM

David Pescod interviewed HATS president Stephen Stanley on OCT 9/08 and i read the interview last Friday and was quite impressed to say the least.The interview had some great points of interest and some i do remember are:results by November,Holes 37 and 40 had high CPS numbers and HAT feels these are the two best holes drilled to date as far as grade,HAT feels they will be bought out to the highest bidder at some point.

If anyone has a chance to read Pescods interview its pretty impressive.The other things that impress me about Hat is they have 30 million in cash,no warrant overhang and a reasonable amount of shares outstanding.

Hat closed last Friday at $1.23,a real bargain to say the least,it had been as high as $1.83 earlier in the week and as recent as Oct1/08 HAT was at $3.18.My gut feeling is that HAT will return to a much higher share price especially if pending results turn out to be stellar.

Do your own dd before buying any stock.


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