Hole 116: 2.5 Metres Grading 70.34% U3O8 / #10-200: 22.5 Metres Grading 11.3% U3O8 / #30: 69 metres grading 2.33% U3O8 / #10-188B: 7.5 metres grading 29.98% U3O8


Message: Toronto Resource Investment Conference - Hathor

Toronto Resource Investment Conference - Hathor

posted on Sep 27, 2009 11:33AM

I talked to Tony Nunziata - Vp Corporate Communications.

He says...

1./ He has been buying a lot of shares at the current price but because he is not an insider they won't show up on the insider reports.

2./ The intent is still to prove up a big resource and sell the company to a bigger player.

3./ The new zone is generating a lot of interest for such acquisitions. He is surprised the stock is not much higher on the news. Thinks it is just that the U308 prices are depressed.

4./ They will spend about 8-10 million on drilling/exploration this year and are hoping for an offer by next year.

5./ They should have the drill results for the latest holes in 3 to 4 weeks.

6./ The 43-101 resourse estimate should be out later this year.

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