Hole 116: 2.5 Metres Grading 70.34% U3O8 / #10-200: 22.5 Metres Grading 11.3% U3O8 / #30: 69 metres grading 2.33% U3O8 / #10-188B: 7.5 metres grading 29.98% U3O8


Hathor Exploration Profile

Hathor Exploration Limited is a junior uranium exploration company that is focused on uranium exploration with property interests that cover a total 313,010 hectares (773,465 acres) in the Athabasca Basin region of mining-friendly Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Hathor has one of the largest, best land packages covering key uranium-hosting geology in a politically stable jurisdiction that has the richest uranium deposits in the world

  • 11 projects located in the world-class Athabasca Basin area
  • Roughrider Zone - Best uranium discovery by a junior in 20 years
  • Hathor has Working Capital of about $35 million, Dec. 2008

Today, in the eastern Athabasca Basin of Saskatchewan, three mine/ mill complexes account for about 25% of the world's annual mine production of uranium. Here, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Roughrider Uranium Corp., Hathor has interests in twelve properties covering a total of 198,716 hectares (491,038 acres) of the same geological terrain that is intimately associated with all currently- producing Canadian uranium mines.

In the western Athabasca Basin, Hathor holds interests in two projects that cover about 114,294 hectares (282,427 acres) located near AREVA Resources Canada Inc.'s (formerly COGEMA) past-producing Cluff Lake mine from which over 62 million pounds of U3O8 were produced during that mine's 22-year operating life. The company also has interests in properties covering more than 2 million acres in the Hornby Bay Basin of the NWT.

Hathor also holds approximately 300,000 acres in the Eskay Creek camp, which is in one of the most prolific gold-silver camps of North America. The Eskay Creek area is considered to be one of the richest and most prospective geologic terrains in North America.

These strategic land positions provide Hathor Exploration with an outstanding opportunity for discovery of precious metal and uranium deposits as well as placing it in a strong position for joint venture opportunities.

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