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Message: Infinity Stone $GEMS VIDEO: Thanos Would Be Jealous Of This Critical Minerals Collection

The critical minerals required for electric vehicle batteries include Lithium, Graphite, Nickel, Cobalt and Manganese. The demand will be massive. For example, In 2030, the global demand for lithium is expected to surpass two million metric tons of lithium carbonate equivalent, more than doubling the demand forecast for 2025.

Enter Infinity Stone Ventures its mission is to be a diversified supplier for the critical energy metals being used in the clean energy revolution


Most small cap companies will focus on just one or maybe two but like Thanos in the Avengers, Infinity Stone Ventures $GEMS has recently started collecting them all.


Unlike Thanos, however, they’ve got nothing but great intentions for all of humanity and have checked the following off the list already with great acquisitions announced over the last couple of months including:

  • Lithium ✅
  • Graphite ✅
  • Cobalt ✅
  • Manganese ✅

$GEMS believes a Nickel project won’t be too far behind.

Last week, the company announced they have Expanded Holdings in James Bay Lithium District Adjacent to Patriot Battery Metals Corvette Discovery in Quebec.


Another very prospective project that shares the same characteristics of all their projects to date - they have expanded their land position to over 3,850 hectares, with 21 historically mapped pegmatites, in James Bay Lithium District


The new ground has 12 historically mapped pegmatites on the expanded Taiga Project and newly staked Hellcat Project. With 5 newly identified, historically mapped, pegmatites on the Camaro Project. PMET's CV8 pegmatite, with grab samples averaging 4.6% Li2O, is located 1,400 meters north of Infinity Stone's property group. The newly discovered CV13 pegmatite cluster is located 1,500 meters north of the property group.


A Big Announcement for Infinity Stone was their Acquisition of Thor Manganite Project in Quebec about 1 Month Ago.


The Property, covering 698.4 hectares in two blocks of 581.5 hectares and 116.9 hectares, respectively, is highly prospective for manganite, an important manganese ore mineral.


A historical report on the Property's larger, northern block consists of:

  • Ten diamond drill holes completed by Quebec Manganese Mines Limited,
  • All of which were reported to have intersected significant manganese mineralization.
  • The Report indicated that there is "459,333 tons of mill feed ore, which, it is believed, will yield 153,111 tons of ferro-grade ore after beneficiation;" a statement accompanying these drilling records in the Report by the Chief of the Mineral Deposits Branch indicated that the "information supplied is insufficient to justify an opinion on the estimates of the ore of the Property". Infinity Stone plans to verify the historical results on the Property through additional field work. *

Elon Musk recently affirmed Tesla's interest in using manganese in the development of EV batteries stating, "I think there's an interesting potential for manganese....It is relatively straightforward to do a cathode that's two-thirds nickel and one-third manganese, which will allow us to make 50% more cell volume with the same amount of nickel."


Volkswagen's Frank Blome has further affirmed the growing importance of manganese stating, "manganese is much cheaper than nickel, hence the focus on this chemistry."


On September 1 $GEMS Announced Options Taiga Lithium Project Adjacent to Patriot Battery Metals Corvette Project

  • Combined with the Camaro Project, Infinity Stone expands its land position to over 1,282 hectares in James Bay Lithium District adjacent to Patriot Battery Metals.
  • Taiga Project has 4 mapped pegmatites, with the largest measuring over 900 square meters in size.
  • PMET's CV8 pegmatite, with grab samples averaging 4.6% Li2O, is located 1,400 metres north of the Taiga Project. PMET's newly-discovered CV13 pegmatite cluster is located 1,500 metres north of the Taiga Project.


Now, sit back relax and watch this powerful interview with Infinity Stone CEO, Zayn Kalyan and Director, Michael Townsend


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