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Create the world’s foremost esports and iGaming ecosystem.



We stand at the forefront of esports and iGaming with a collection of valued assets that deliver a fast-paced, diverse array of entertainment securing our leadership position in the industry. We thrive on connecting our users to gaming platforms that bring action, thrilling outcomes and endless enjoyment. And, we seamlessly connect partners to our robust communities by intelligently using data to ensure maximum engagement and reward for all. 




  • Through LOOT.BET &, Intema offers a Massive Global Esports Betting Opportunity. 
  • LOOT.BET is one of the LARGEST global brands in esports betting by NGR and betting handle. GGR by type: 90% betting, 10% games. 
  • is one of the world’s foremost peer-to-peer social gaming wagering platforms, with over 57,000 registered users. 
  • LOOT.BET 157% revenue growth YoY. Over 450,000 registered users. Betting handle of C$93,000,000 in 2020.
  • LOOT.BET provides vertically-integrated sports betting, media, and entertainment properties that provide an acquisition channel with its C9.87 Million followers/users across all properties. 
  • Multiple new market launches intended under the LOOT.BET & platforms  being combined with new country licenses/access via direct application, M&A. 
  • Lazarus Charbonneau has a highly skilled global executive team, with over 50 years of combined online gaming and betting experience as well as an engagement with Lazarus Growth, the world’s top gaming lawyers and consultants.
  • Isle of Man license application submitted
  • Team BH Esports Team acquisition closed



Despite the vast amount of viewers, esports is still dramatically under monetized relative to traditional sports. Esports is starting to become more widely accepted as a “sport” by the mainstream media. It would not be a surprise if we see Esports make it to large sports channels on TV soon. It is extremely important that as a company, Intema understands how to capitalize on these market trends.


INTEMA is confident that wagering will play a major role in helping monetize this ever evolving sector.






The company aims to establish an esport and iGaming ecosystem of entertainment through various product offerings and wagerings using the 3 pillar business model. This model shows the diverse approach that we are taking in our business plan.