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Message: GEQU Has Been Proving To Be A Serious Upstart

I've always loved investing and when I was really young, I discovered penny stocks; loved them, lost money, hated them, moved on, lol. My investments essentially went from Pfizer when I was 10 years old, to some cooky company promising some sort of incredible something, that never really became a physical product and happened to be born from someone's shack outback, which is why I had gone back to the big boards but finally one caught my eye on the smaller side of things and that one is GEQU.

I usually ignore the old, "someone's shack outback," sort of plays but got wind of Pennystockdream.com putting together a report on it, about three weeks ago. I looked into it, expecting to see the usual mess that comes with the OTC but was pretty surprised to see the sort of players involved and how well they had maintained the company, by way of there being no significant dilution, allowing their share structure t oe really well maintained. I showed the company to a good friend of mine, only to have him tell me that, "the past 5 years tell it all," due to a look at the chart but aturally that's a terrible way to look at the here and now, especially when ocnsideirng that over that time period, this could have housed multiple different companies, all owned by different people and from what I was seeing, the here and now was looking pretty good. They have been quet on news but have quietly released filings that showed they were paying off all of their debts, expanding the business, refraining from selling against shareholders, etc. As far as the majority of the, "stinky pinkies," that I have seen over time, this definitely seemed to be a solid one. Not to mention that one of the managing owners, is known to have created a company that is currently worth over $2 billion but I haven't delved into that too much yet.

Regardless, in this time period, it's managed to now be up over 446% an I think there may be some more solid growth potential there. I saw you all had the listing of all penny stocks canadian companies in a post further down. Between seeing that solid listing and this huge call from dream that clued me into one of the best plays I've ever seen, I guess I'm going to have to start taking the OTC a little bit more seriously again =P

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