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BREAKING: Mota Ventures Acquires Over 20,000 Customers in March, Launches New Immune Support Product Line

  • Immune Support product line received exceptionally well by consumers
  • Total number of customers acquired by First Class CBD in March 2020 is 20,959, including 6,419 immune customers
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Message: Old animation video - hints of past workings at Nogalera

Old animation video - hints of past workings at Nogalera

The 2 historical workings, at the southwest corner, at the 0:46 second mark of the animation video represent the La Nogalera area - mainly the above mine working location (represent Nogalera) of the two. You can confirm the name of that area at the 1:06 second mark.

This provides additional strong signals that the rich process rocks we are finding now (in the old dumps) at La Nogalera were likely orginally mined (by small miners / artisanals / garimpeiros), via adits, from high grade veins below the surface (within the mountains).

One should also note that historical small miners did not install ventilation systems - everything was primitive (including the mining equipment). As such, the small miners were not able to go all that deep into mountains. It means that the rich veins at La Nogalera should be reachable either near-surface or not too far away from the adit entrance area (from the side of the mountain). It also means that the majority of the ore body is likely still well intact (similar to what we found at our already drilled resource areas - San Gregorio and Las Carolinas)


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