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Converting Waste Plastic to Ultra-Clean, Ultra-Low Sulphur Fuel

JBI Inc. Management

John Bordynuik

President & CEO

As the founding CEO and President of JBI, Inc. Mr. Bordynuik is responsible for driving corporate strategy, business development and process design.

Bordynuik's passion for data recovery began 18 years ago, when he first designed custom hardware to recover data from old DEC Tapes and hard disk platters. He went on to become the Director of Research & Development for the Ontario Provincial Legislature for ten years. Bordynuik next embarked on the pursuit of the "Holy Grail" of all software, seeking a vital piece of software that had been lost by the founders of the world's largest software company. He was able to successfully recover this software for its creators. Bordynuik also fully restored their 1975 PDP10 – a computer that consisted of a large severely damaged memory sub-system – in less than a month. In the process of this restoration project, he designed a complete replacement memory subsystem for the PDP10.

Ready to embark on his own venture, Bordynuik returned home to Niagara Falls, Ontario and incorporated JBI, Inc. in 2006. He built the company organically, through strong client relationships and an impeccable reputation, while developing sophisticated magnetic storage devices to recover legacy data. His clients have included MIT, the U.S. Army, NASA, Fortune 500 company founders, professors from academic institutions worldwide as well as public and private companies.

Mr. Bordynuik also worked at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory as a former collaborative researcher and then as a consultant in their Math and Computation Group. In his role as a consultant, he developed highly sophisticated technology to read thousands of computers tapes for MIT.

Bordynuik's expertise lies in being able to create products and processes that optimize and incorporate as much intelligence as possible, using applications that are as inexpensive as possible. His designs are elegant, robust and efficient, and are not limited to data recovery. Over many years, Bordynuik designed a custom CPU core that is used in mission critical applications. In 2005, Bordynuik was granted a broad U.S. patent (7,115,872) for a dirty bomb detector.

Bordynuik’s activism and drive to clean-up environment was inspired from his employment in the Ontario Legislature where he witnessed first-hand the negative ecological impact of the movement toward plastic over glass. He became proactive about preserving his local environment, and subsequently grounded his company’s mission in behaving ecologically and implementing green practices that reduce environmental impact. Mr. Bordynuik's latest innovation, Plastic2Oil, is a proprietary process for turning waste plastic into ultra-clean, low-sulphur fuel.

Matthew J. Ingham, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for JBI, Inc. Matthew Ingham supervises the finance and accounting units, reporting directly to CEO, John Bordynuik.

Mr. Ingham is responsible for establishing the Company's financial strategies while ensuring the Company has the appropriate financial systems in place to manage current operations, as well as to lead the development of financial planning models and cost-benefit analysis to forecast and support future growth. Mr. Ingham is also responsible for all financial filings required by the SEC, and will serve as a financial and business advisor to the leadership team.

Mr. Ingham held successively senior positions with two of the “Big 4” audit firms, PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP and Ernst & Young LLP, specializing in auditing assurance, financial reporting and transaction analysis, and developed a broad base of auditing and financial reporting skills through assignments on publicly traded and privately held companies.

At Ernst & Young, LLP Mr. Ingham held the position of Audit Manager, Assurance Advisory Business Services, working directly with firm partners and company executive management on audits to finalize findings and issue audit reports. He assisted with client implementation of first year compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act for three SEC accelerated filers, including the coordination of international scoping and testing and participated in cross service line initiatives which included working on an internal audit engagement team to assist a new client in their first year Sarbanes-Oxley implementation.

Most recently, Mr. Ingham was Senior Manager, Technical Accounting, Insight Enterprises, Inc., a $4.8 billion international Fortune 500 information technology company. Reporting to Executive Management and Senior Financial Staff, his responsibilities included managing all communications with the external auditors, providing evaluations of technical accounting research and analysis matters. He led a global team of finance personnel in formalizing and documenting accounting policies and procedures, including working with multi-national teams on sales operations improvement initiatives.

John Colin Robbins

Senior Vice President

Mr. Robbins will build the petroleum team to enable our P2O products to be enhanced and distributed. His proficiency in petroleum products blending and his strong leadership will be invaluable assets to our company's commercial growth, and will contribute to JBI, Inc.'s standing in the environmental sustainability movement.

Robbins brings more than 30 years of knowledge and expertise in operations, marketing and manufacturing of renewable fuels to this key post. He specializes in the blending of ethanol, bio-diesel, butane and petroleum. He has been engaged in the petroleum and bio-fuels industry in a leadership capacity since 1989 with experience extending across North America — but he is most passionate about producing a profitable, environmentally responsible energy product.

Prior to joining JBI, Inc., he was most recently employed by Sunoco Partners Butane Blending LLC as Manager for Engineering, Construction and Operations where he successfully led three departments that designed, built and maintained multiple new butane injection systems in gasoline transfer terminals throughout the United States. He acted as both the General Manager and Director for Engineering, Construction, and Operations at Texon LP from 2007 until 2010. At Texon, Robbins led the engineering team to redesign the butane blending systems, which resulted in remarkable revenue growth.

He has been an active member of various petroleum boards and associations, including: Environmental Director of the Canadian Independent Petroleum Marketers Association's Board of Directors from 1995-2000, a member of the Ontario Petroleum Council from 2003-2004 and Ontario Gasoline Handing Code from 2002-2003, and served on the Canadian Federal Government Legislative Boards on Sulphur in Gasoline in 2001 and Benzene in Gasoline in 1999. He was a recipient of a National Research Council Grant awarded in Canada. Mr. Robbins holds an Honours Bachelor of Science in geology from Brock University.

Ronald Kurp

Vice President, Research & Development

Mr. Kurp is an accomplished Technical/Operations/Purchasing Director with more than 26 years of experience as an innovative product formulator in the area of research & development. He possesses proven skills in management and in the development of production process design, scale-up and manufacturing. Mr. Kurp excels at managing multi-site chemical manufacturing facilities and directing the commercialization process for a diverse range of industrial and consumer products.

He brings specialized experience and exceptional knowledge in plastic and oil based properties studies to JBI, Inc. Currently, he is responsible for the development of analytical techniques for the Company's manufactured products, developing and refining methods to test its fuel products, initiating new product development from existing JBI, Inc. manufactured products and identifying unique marketing opportunities. He is also actively working on the development and formulation of fuel additives for the Company's products.

Mr. Kurp has been awarded 2 U.S. Patents, on March 11, 2003 and March 29, 2011, for his work.

Bob Molodynia

Vice President, Business Development

As the VP of Business Development for JBI, Inc., Mr. Molodynia oversees the development of environmental solutions and growth of new business. Mr. Molodynia is also responsible for managing and motivating the business sales team and oversees all fuel sales, and in negotiating and managing business relationships, informing product development of market needs and identifying new business opportunities for JBI, Inc.

Mr. Molodynia brings over 27 years of marketing, advertising, sales and company start-up experience. He successfully helped build and manage six companies including two of his own (a promotional marketing and investment firm and a hospitality brokerage business), which he owned and operated for 20 years after leaving his position as a Financial Consultant & Planner for a major Canadian Fortune 500 financial services company

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