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In the News

posted on Jan 05, 2009 06:59AM

Casey Energy Opportunities

2008-07-30 20:40 ET - In the News

Casey Energy Opportunities, formerly the Energy Speculator (only the name has changed), in its July 8, 2008, issue, says buy JNR Resources Inc., now 87 cents, officially, "Buy under C$0.75." The newsletter said buy four times between March 15, 2006, and July 16, 2007, at prices ranging from 73 cents to $3.08. A $1,000 investment for each of the four buys is worth $3,087. A half-hearted buy such as this one can leave investors thinking that if the newsletter does not like it at today's price, it may not be worth it at 14 per cent less, either. So we have a feeble buy that really means hold. The writer goes over the press releases and notes that JNR plans to drill 10,000 metres at its Way Lake project in the Athabasca basin. The company owns three drills and will target Way Lake anomalies 55 kilometres away from the Key Lake mine. The writer, as optimistic as ever, says if there is uraniumin JNR's vast Athabasca holdings, "Rick Kusmirski and his team of experts will definitely find it." He admits market weakness could take the stock to 75 cents. However, he is optimistic about JNR's future. He likes its diversified uranium projects and what he figures is one of the best technical groups in the world.

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