Massive Black Horse Chromite Discovery

Black Horse deposit has an Inferred Resource Now 85.9 Million Tonnes @ 34.5%

Message: Mining Minute - S2- Episode 8 - Debut Diamonds Inc. Update 

With all the excitement in the after glow of PDAC and the KWG open house, and news of Debut diamond on the mining minute the shares have soared to new heights on heavy volume. Or maybe not? The question I have for someone is.... How many shares of DDI remain and does promotion of DDI in the mining minute help KWG sell their shares at a higher price. The last monthly update on DDI CSX page says their is no activity happening? Which is it? No activity, or negotiations with Native bands. Yesterday 118 people had viewed the KWG YouTube channel mining minute. There are over a billion shares of KWG.

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