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Black Horse deposit has an Inferred Resource Now 85.9 Million Tonnes @ 34.5%

Message: Could Conrad Black Light the ROF?


KWG Longs.

I do think there is validity to the Rio comment...with Wyloo winning such a major horserace I'm sure it has attracted the attention of most, if not all, of the majors.  In addition, if this could be the next biggest thing nobody wants to be left out when all the dust settles, especially with some of the complementary news of the VW battery plant, Stellantis plant and the ongoing revival efforts of the car industry in Ontario - it's a gauranteed supply market that substantially derisks the ROF project. 

Please excuse the totally off topic comment (and this is the only one), but yes Mr. Black was properly tried and convicted.  However, IMO the Board knew exactly what he was doing and when it started coming to light the Board threw him under the bus and hung him out to dry when he attempted to defend himself.  IMO, the Board should have been held accountable.

I don't think Mr. Black is involved with KWG nor any players in the ROF.  However, IMO there is no single individual in Canada that has a more comprehensive and holisitc view of the challenges facing our country and some of the critical decisions and actions we need to take in order to reverse our current economic and reputational slide on the world stage.  For the record, I would throw him the keys to the country before anyone sitting on Parliament Hill right now.

My Best to all KWG Longs.

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