Kidoz owns the biggest mobile advertising platform for kids and families

Record Revenue Of $USD 2.5M In Q2-22, Ad Growth Outpaces Google, Snapchat and HULU

Message: VIDEO – Kidoz Record Quarterly Revenue Growth Continues with Q3-22 Revenue of Over $3.5M USD

Kidoz KIDZ: TSXV / KDOZF: OTC  owns the biggest mobile advertising platform for kids and families.  How big?  There are almost 4,000 apps around the world using Kidoz reaching over 300 MILLION kids


And NOW… Extending Media Offering to Teens and Parents Markets


Working with top brands including 


  • McDonald’s
  • Hasbro
  • Lego
  • Trusted Partner of Apple & Google

Revenues / Growth

  • 2017 $1.9M
  • 2018 $3M
  • 2019 $4.5M
  • 2020 $7.1M
  • 2021 $12.4M + 74%
  • Q1 2022  Total Revenue of $2.28M - growth of 47%
  • Gross Profit of $830,895 - growth of 21%
  • Q2 2022 Total Revenue of $2.51M  up 15% vs Q2-21, up 10% vs Q1-22
  • Gross Profit of $971,965

WHY?  Kids Abandon TV

  • Linear TV has lost ~50% of its kids audience = Kids brands have lost their top-performing media to reach kids


  • 77% Games
  • 56% Videos


  • Kids digital advertising: $1.7B in 2021
  • Kids digital advertising is the fastest growing segment (21.6% CAGR)


Mobile advertising market is forecast to exceed $400 billion in 2026, exhibiting a growth rate of 32.5% according to Fortune Business Insights.

  • Mobile Gaming = $13.7B industry
  • Kids represent 30% of users
  • Main competitor (SuperAwesome) bought by Epic Games In 2020 for undisclosed ($300M USD)
  • Kidoz mobile footprint is much wider and stronger

The company just released their Q3 revenues and the numbers speak for themselves. 



  • Total Revenue of $3,505,812 up 25% from Q3 2021 Total Revenue of $2,814,642 and up 39% from Q2 2022 Total Revenue of $2,513,613.
  • Q3 2022 AdTech revenue of $3,454,824 compared to Q2 2022 AdTech Revenue of $2,484,799.
  • Q3 2022 Gross Profit of $1,245,570 compared to Q2 2022 Gross Profit of $971,966.
  • Q3 2022 Adjusted EBITDA gain of $4,435 compared to Q2 2022 Adjusted EBITDA loss of ($386,987).
  • Cash of $1,830,262 and working capital of $3,770,593 as at September 30, 2022.

What’s driving this revenue growth?

The company has strong underlying system growth for both users and publishers that are accessing the Kidoz technology. Media budgets continue to shift from linear TV to digital platforms like Kidoz as brands seek to engage their customers where families spend most of their screen time. In addition, regulation at the government level is positively influencing growth of the KIDOZ Safe Ad Network. COPPA in America and GDPR in Europe have forced advertisers and publishers to ensure their data and advertising methodologies are safe. Regulators in America are updating COPPA to further enhance child safety online, and regulators in China, India and other regions are enacting similar measures. As Kidoz is fully compliant, the Company benefits from all child-safe advertising regulations.


Want to learn more? 


Watch this powerful interview with Jason Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Kidoz Inc. 




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