Kidoz owns the biggest mobile advertising platform for kids and families

Revenue of OVER US$6 Million in Q4 2023 + $13.3M USD In Revenue For 2023

Message: VIDEO - Kidoz Rings Up Over $6M USD In Q4 Revenue And Believes 2024 Will Be Record Year

If you believe in the future of digital advertising - and you should because 50% of TV advertising has shifted to digital and continues to accelerate - then Kidoz (KIDZ: TSXV) is worth discovering. 

Why? Because Kidoz is the absolute leader in child safe mobile advertising.reaching millions of kids, teens, and families each month.

Just How BIG Are We Talking?

Kidoz powers nearly 5,000 apps worldwide, reaching over 400 MILLION kids, teens, and families monthly.

Working With Top Brands

  • Disney
  • McDonald’s
  • Hasbro
  • Lego
  • Trusted Partner of Apple & Google

In the realm of mobile AdTech, Kidoz Inc. shines with its Q4 2023 financial report. Despite market challenges, the company sees robust growth, with total revenue hitting USD $6,030,546. Here's a look at their standout performance:

  • Total Revenue Surges: Kidoz sees a remarkable 115% revenue growth compared to Q3 2023, showing strong market traction.
  • Advertising Revenue Momentum: With advertising revenue at USD $5,353,852, Kidoz solidifies its position as a leader in child-safe mobile ads.
  • Programmatic Revenue Expansion: The company sees a 162% increase in programmatic revenue, hitting USD $652,000, showcasing its tech prowess.
  • Profitability Soars: Kidoz reports a profit of USD $308,070, a substantial improvement from the previous quarter's loss.
  • Adjusted EBITDA Growth: Adjusted EBITDA grows to $569,532, a turnaround from Q3 2023's ($471,051).

Jason Williams, Kidoz CEO, states, "We're pleased with the Company's strong Q4 performance. Kidoz continues to innovate, differentiating itself and capturing a large share of the mobile ad market targeting kids and families."

Embracing Growth with Confidence

Kidoz Inc.'s stellar Q4 2023 performance confirms its leadership in child-safe mobile advertising. Watch the insightful interview with Kidoz Inc CEO Jason Williams. 

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