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Message: Kinross transport team loses 9 tons of gold dore and precious gems from an aircraft during flight.

9 Tons of gold dore bars, platinum and precious metals, valued at $380 Million, fell out of a transport plane after taking off at Yakutsk, Russia.  Indications are that the valuables were all loaded at the aft end of the cargo bay, causing extreme imblance, ripping off the floor of the cargo bay during takeoff.  The pilot kept flying to his destination at Megan Airport, as the cargo contrinued to fall out.

Supervision of the loading process was incompetent at best.  The loading crew were idiots.  The pilot did not check his cargo before the flight and continued the flight after a large portion of his aircraft was ripped off. 

Looks like a combination of problems, too much cold, and too much vodka.


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