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Partnerships include: Kellogg’s and Samsung


BREAKING: Mota Ventures Signs Letter of Intent for Merger with Stillcanna

  • Stillcanna looks to become one of the largest producers of THC-free CBD extracts in Europe
  • Stillcanna's Polish extraction facility, NEXUS, features industrial-scale centrifugal chromatography equipment that allows for the production of bulk THC-free CBD distillate as well as custom Cannabinoid profiles
  • In February 2020, Stillcanna's Romanian extraction facility, ORIGIN, which operates pursuant to a joint venture between Stillcanna and Dragonfly Biosciences Ltd., received approval from the Ministry of Health and the Anti-Drug Agency to become the first government recognized extraction facility in the country
  • To date C$23,000,000 has been invested by Stillcanna in the cultivation and extraction operations,
  • Current cash on hand in Stillcanna of approximately C$7,000,000
  • Stillcanna's CBD extracts are key to unlocking additional value in Mota's retail offerings in Europe
  • Shareholders of Stillcanna would receive one common share of Mota for every 1.8 common shares of Stillcanna held at the time of exchange

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Message: Mobile gaming is taking over in the US

According to a survey conducted by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and including 4,000 Americans, 60% of the gamers play on their phones.

PC and consoles remain popular, but mobile gaming is the fastest growing of all. What's more, gamers are now spending more than ever on games. The average age is 33 years and users are spending 20% more than last year and 85% more than in 2015.

Nearly 65% of the US adults play games and in most cases, they play casual games. And about 60% of those gamers in the country prefer playing on their smartphones although 50% of all the gamers still light up their consoles and PCs.

It's an interesting shift in trends, so it only makes sense for manufacturers to start focusing on improving the smartphones' gaming capabilities and gaming-related features.


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