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LRAD Corporation Management



Company History
LRAD Corporation was founded in 1980 and recapitalized in 1992. In 1996, the Company launched its first directed sound technology and began engineering sound solutions for the commercial, government, and military markets. In response to the October 2000 attack on the USS Cole, the Company’s engineering team developed the revolutionary Long Range Acoustic Device® (LRAD® ). With the introduction of LRAD systems in 2003, the Company created the acoustic hailing device (AHD) market. Today, LRAD directional sound systems are being used around the world in diverse applications including fixed and mobile military deployments, maritime security, critical infrastructure and perimeter security, commercial security, border and port security, law enforcement and emergency responder communications, and wildlife preservation and control.

LRAD Corporation’s management team blends technology, operations, manufacturing and marketing expertise with acoustic engineering experience. Since 2006, this team has advanced the Company’s LRAD systems offerings and expanded their market applications resulting in four consecutive fiscal years of record LRAD systems revenues. Get to know each team member by clicking the officer's name.


Thomas R. Brown
President and Chief Executive Officer

Katherine H. McDermott
Chief Financial Officer
Board of Directors

Thomas R. Brown

Laura M. Clague

Helen C. Adams

Admiral Ray Smith

Bill Vandeweghe

Robert Putnam

Media & Investor Relations

Formerly "1/2 time" in the same basic role at e.Digital Corporation while doing same 1/2 time at LRAD.

Now full time at LRAD.

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