Powering the future of Carbon free lithium development and production

Alkali Flat Project in New Mexico, strongly analogous to Clayton Valley

Message: VIDEO - Lancaster Resources Believes They Are On The Cusp of A Groundbreaking Lithium Find

If you need reasons to believe in the future of electric vehicles and and the role lithium is going to play in this massive paradigm shift, then consider the following:

  1. The automotive industry is expected to invest $500 BILLION in the transition to EVs by 2030. 
  2. 20M EV Vehicle sales projected by ‘25
  3. The Tesla Model S Long Range is reported to contain ~350 kilograms of lithium per vehicle

Enter Lancaster Resources, a dynamic exploration company dedicated to this emerging energy sector transition. Through the development of Net Zero Lithium, Lancaster will help power the future of Carbon free lithium development and production. 
Major Lithium Breakthrough
Lancaster is on the verge of a groundbreaking discovery in lithium exploration, particularly at the Alkali Flat Project in New Mexico. With exclusive acquisition rights covering 5,200 acres, this property boasts exceptional accessibility with its proximity to both an interstate highway and a railway.

Striking Parallels
The Alkali Flat Project bears remarkable resemblance to Clayton Valley, the only active lithium mine in the US, projecting production of 10,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate-equivalent annually.

Cutting-edge AI / Drone Technology
Through a strategic alliance with KorrAI Technologies, Lancaster leverages cutting-edge imaging technology to expedite exploration processes, promising faster and more precise results. This partnership underscores Lancaster's commitment to sustainable resource development and positions them as trailblazers in the industry.

Insights from Penny White
CEO Penny White sheds light on the meticulous research behind Lancaster's lithium ventures, showcasing years of groundwork and strategic planning. The recent finding of unusual conductivity in underground water suggests there could be large amounts of lithium hidden underground. This discovery matches what's expected in Clayton Valley, where there's a high potential for finding significant lithium deposits. Expectations soar as Lancaster gears up for its maiden drill program, poised to validate the lithium concentrations in aquifers and potentially delineate a valuable resource.

Anticipated negotiations for off-take agreements signal promising prospects amidst the global deficit of lithium, driven not only by EV adoption but also by the expanding requirements of the AI and sustainable energy sectors.

Quote from Andrew Watson, Lancaster’s VP Engineering & Operations
"The approval of our maiden drilling application is confirmation of our commitment to responsible, minimal impact exploration and the last major hurdle before launching our maiden drilling program at Alkali Flat.”
With the recent approval of the Drill Permit for the Alkali Flat Lithium Brine Project, Lancaster Resources marks a pivotal milestone in its journey towards responsible and impactful exploration. As Lancaster progresses towards drilling the first well at Alkali Flat, witness the unfolding of a potentially game-changing discovery in the world of lithium exploration.

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