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Message: NIce way to end the week...

NIce way to end the week...

posted on Apr 11, 2008 12:26PM

Well, its great that we closed the week just shy of $0.20 with some reasonable volume this week. The LWC story had become quite boring, but the recent metalluargy results and rumours of much beter drill results on the Delta zone may be breathing new life into arguably one of Canada's the best junior moly plays, which happens to be just 18kms away from the largest moly mine in Canada.

I remain cautiously optimistic that will hold these levels, but I think, given the current market climate, that will take an NR with actual assays averaging 0.07% or higher over long intercepts, with some much higher grade sections, to really move the stock price belond the 20 cent range. This is certainly possible with Nithi, but Mother Nature has let us done here before. Therefore, I will refrain from any othe than cautious optimism until I see the results...

A final note: I will no longer be posting on the Shouse board. I find the new site pathetically slow, and very user unfriendly, and the Shouse teams seems to think that its the users that need to adapt to their new format, rather than them responding to the concerns of its patrons. I think this is very misguided and is just the sort of mentality that has led the downfall of many great companies/ideas. If Shouse can clean up its act, and give its members something much better, I will return.

Have a great weekend...



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