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BREAKING: Kontrol Receives Approval for Government Grant to Accelerate the Development of New COVID-19 Testing Technology

  • Received approval for an initial government grant of $50,000 from the National Research Council of Canada to accelerate its new Covid-19 testing technology, the Kontrol BioCloud┬« analyzer
  • Kontrol is developing a new technology designed to detect and alert for COVID-19, in real-time, through rapid on-site air sampling and detection of aerosol and droplet encapsulated viruses in indoor and outdoor environments
  • Kontrol has developed its initial prototype and has commenced lab testing of the detection chamber
  • The lab will spend the next 4 weeks testing the detection chamber and the applicable interactions with COVID-19

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Message: New website... Same old information.

New website... Same old information.

posted on Apr 12, 2008 10:49AM

Not sure what Jim is thinking... Maybe the new site still needs an information update, which they are working on??

At any rate, with statements like "The combination of these previous results with the new geophysical data has defined the "Alpha" zone and high-priority targets for a spring 2005 drilling program.", to decibe the Nothi moly project, obviously we are not reading the latest information.



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