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Message: Poopy Market...

Poopy Market...

posted on May 10, 2008 07:07AM

LWC results were great, and if the was last year, our market cap would have increased significantly on such news. However, its not last year, and so far this year the market sentiment towards the juniors remains quite subdued a result of many national and global economic concerns.

The juniors are getting very little, if any speculative valuation these days, and even Noront, with its major discovery, and the potential for much more, is only being valued on what the market comfortably feels that Noront has already demonstrated is in the ground. In other words, there is no speculative value built into the Noront share price, despite the fact that it is at the center of the biggest discovery in quite a while. Ther Noront share price could have easily been trading at $10 this time last year on the same news

This situation may persist for a few months at least, but whatever the case, LWC is on to something good and will eventuallyy be worth significantly more than it is now as long as they continue to deliver solid and excellent drill results like they did this week...

What remains to be seen is how Jim is going to raise cash in this financing/cash raising unfriendly environment. We could face some significant dilution, but if he raises cash peicemeal, allowing for the SP to rise over time on good results, this should help to minimize the dilution. In any event, I strongly believe we will see LWC's SP rise to multiple dollars rather than decrease from these levels...



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