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Leeward Capital Corp.'s strategic objective is to carry out the methodical development of new mineral plays. The company's primary focus is on the development of the Nithi Mountain property in nNorthern British Columbia (Canada) and specifically to identify and develop a 100+ million tonne resource of the mineral molybdenum. The property is located 18 km from the Endako Molydenum Mine which has the infrastructure in place to immediately mine a new deposit at Nithi Mountain once it has been identified. At any time, the company has advanced opportunities for mine development, with several current exploration programs and provide for a constant flow of new prospects.

Leeward has developed well-established Canadian mining properties which combine with the medium-term attractiveness of molybdenum and gold mining development.

Leeward anticipates strong prices and demand for molybdenum and other commodities in the near future and profitable economics for its primary Canadian properties. The company has invested in Canadian exploration with a stable, balanced portfolio making steady progress to medium- and long-term development projects.

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