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Lundin refreshes Linear Gold buy

2009-08-18 20:21 ET - In the News

Brien Lundin, in the July, 2009, edition of the Gold Newsletter, refreshes his buy of Linear Gold Corp., recently $1.23. Mr. Lundin said buy Linear four times between April, 2004, and February, 2005, at prices ranging from $1.50 to $7.70. He then said take some profits (sell half, perhaps) at $5.42 in July, 2005. Assuming an investment of $1,000 for each of the four buys, selling half the $4,000 investment at $5.42 would have yielded a profit of $2,867. He said buy four more times between January, 2006, and June, 2009, at prices ranging from $1.40 to $6.09. Assuming a $1,000 investment for each of the four most recent buys, and taking into consideration the remaining $2,000 investment from the half sell, the total $6,000 investment is now worth $2,934. Even though there is legal drama surrounding the company's acquisition of the Goldfields project, Mr. Lundin expects Linear Gold to own the property shortly. The property, in Saskatchewan, has a resource of 1.2 million ounces in two deposits, Box and Anthona. The goldbug says a 2007 feasibility study showed a net present value, discounted at 8 per cent, of $50-million at $603.75 per ounce gold, a value that is considered conservative at today's gold price. The company plans to revise the feasibility study this year. Mr. Lundin continues to urge his readers to buy Linear Gold on weakness.

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