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Message: VIDEO - Oasis Digital Gallery Is Poised To Be A Signature Destination In The Metaverse, An Immersive Experience for NFT Art Sales

VIDEO - Oasis Digital Gallery Is Poised To Be A Signature Destination In The Metaverse, An Immersive Experience for NFT Art Sales

posted on Apr 12, 2022 10:51AM

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Oasis Digital Studios is a technology and services agency that brings the exciting world of Augmented Reality and NFTs to your mobile device through new experiences like online events.

The business model is to create experiential and collectible partnerships with artists, sports personalities, talent, brands, and commercial enterprises to create digital collectibles and NFTs.

Recent Highlights:

  • Entertainment, Technology and Lifestyle Leader, McCartney Multimedia
  • "The World's Greatest Beatles Artist" - Shannon to drop award-winning digital artwork NFTs
  • Teamed up with renowned artist May Pang/  released iconic digital artwork NFTs of John Lennon's "Lost Weekend"
  • Multi-Platinum Rapper, Jeezy, Iconic Snowman Logo as AR-Enhanced NFTs
  • Celebrated Beatles Cartoon Animator and Director Ron Campbell to Digital Collectors
  • Legendary Icon Steve McQueen and Porsche 917K #22 from Le Mans - Digital Collectors
  • Apex Comics Group - PHAZER Universe to NFT Market As Integrated Avatars & Cinematic AR-Enhanced Digital Collectables.
  • World Food Championships Enters NFT Market with Partners Gourmet NFT / ODS
  • Digital Collectible Marketplace RARE.Store Dropped AR Enhanced NFTs

But wait, there’s more…

Liquid Avatar Technologies Announced its Grand Opening of the Oasis Digital Gallery, Featuring Immersive Experience for NFT Art Sales.

Visitors will have the opportunity to interact and purchase digital artworks as NFTs in an extended reality web-based platform; Lynn Mara, first artist showcased in the gallery.

David Lucatch, CEO Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc., Managing Director Oasis Digital Studios Limited & Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited commented,

"The Oasis Digital Gallery is poised to be one of the signature destinations in the Metaverse and we're excited to bring such great art to a wider audience. We couldn't be more thrilled to have an artist of Lynn Mara's calibre to kick off the Grand Opening of the Oasis Digital Gallery. Her work is bold, colorful, and iconic, and we're proud to partner with her for this exhibition."

In addition to touring the gallery and viewing the artwork, guests will have the opportunity to purchase copies of the paintings as NFTs right from the digital display. Purchasers will be able to purchase NFTs using PayPal, fiat, major credit cards and cryptocurrencies directly via Shopify.

Now sit back, relax and watch this powerful interview.

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