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Enters 2023 With ~ $3M In Cumulative #NFT Sales

Message: VIDEO - Liquid Avatar Users Have Collected 1 BILLION+ Resources And Created 1.2 Million+ NFTs In The First 100 Days

VIDEO - Liquid Avatar Users Have Collected 1 BILLION+ Resources And Created 1.2 Million+ NFTs In The First 100 Days

posted on Feb 03, 2023 08:32AM

The Web3 world went through a major adjustment in 2022 for two big reasons:

1.  Significant growing pains due to fake accounts, bots, crypto scams and other nefarious strategies deployed by digital predators, fraudsters, spammers, hackers and other bad actors.  Nowhere was this more evident than in the case of Twitter where new owner Elon Musk has embarked on a mission to rid the platform of a bot plague that threatened the very existence of the platform 

2.  Overhyped and mass promoted NFT “projects” that attracted billions of dollars yet turned out to be nothing more than empty plans or, even worse, “rug pulls” in which the project creators simply absconded with people’s money  

We have seen this before in the dot-com to dot-bomb days when “internet stocks” boomed and busted, leading many people to say the sector was dead.  As we now know that was the farthest from the truth as the industry catharsis created Web2 driven by real companies with real products and real business models.

So logic now dictates that investors start looking for the real Metaverse and NFT projects that have survived the catharsis and are actually thriving.


The Company’s flagship Aftermath Islands Metaverse and NFT project is an open-world massively multi-player game environment built with stunning graphics on the Unreal Engine and supported by Free-to-Play and Earn Gaming, the highlights of which are as follows: 

  • Has already generated ~ $CDN 2M in net sales
  • Beta build is live and players can interact with non-player characters
  • First ever Metaverse to deploy Blockchain Proof Of Humanity from $LQID to create safety, trust, privacy

With today’s announcement that users have collected over 1 BILLION resources and created over 1.2 MILLION NFTs in first 100 days … it is far to say that $LQID is delivering a real metaverse with real digital assets and a real business model.


A big part of the success behind today’s announcement is $LQID “Proof Of Humanity technology that can be summarized as follows: 

  • Allows Users To Remain Anonymous
  • But Still Verify They Are A Real Person, Through Blockchain Based Verifiable Credentials
  • Eliminates Fraudulent Activities, Fake Accounts, Duplicate Accounts And Bots.

More than just lip service $LQID put its money where its mouth is by deploying the technology into its own metaverse in late 2022:

Liquid Avatar Technologies and Aftermath Islands Metaverse Deploy Blockchain Proof of Humanity to Create a Safer, Private Online Experience and Eliminate Usernames and Passwords.  

This “Proof Of Humanity is a Web3 and Metaverse first - to the best of everyone’s knowledge - and can best be best described by the following quote excerpts from $LQID:

“With Web3 and the Metaverse, we have an opportunity to change the failures of previous iterations of the Internet that failed to provide protection for privacy and data and assurances that only real people exist in an online space. We would never accept this kind of behavior in the real world and we now have the opportunity to create safe and unique spaces.”

“the deployment of blockchain-based verifiable credentials for Proof of Humanity - available via the Liquid Avatar Mobile App - provides assurances that allows Aftermath Islands Metaverse and other websites, eCommerce, social platform and other Metaverse users to establish a digital footprint that proves they are genuine individuals without having to divulge sensitive government issued identity or proof of address, creating a high degree of trust or privacy in the Web3 world by establishing one-user, one-account verification.”


Providing unprecedented levels of trust and privacy for online users that will play an important role in the larger Metaverse ecosystem with assurances to reduce bad actors, fake users, bots, online bullying, hacks and fraud.

And the Company’s Proof Of Humanity solution couldn’t have come at a better time considering the major social media networks took down close to 2 Billion fake accounts in 2022.  

This problem is not only getting worse, it threatens the very foundation of the Metaverse ecosystem if bad actors are able to establish themselves to deploy bad actor avatars to stalk women and children, or outright defraud users.

Today’s “BILLION” announcement demonstrates that $LQID is not only solving this problem - it is also building a great Metaverse ecosystem around it.


What did David Lucatch, CEO of Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. and Managing Director of Aftermath Islands Metaverse have to say?

"Despite the various market challenges, we have launched and continue to accelerate verifiable credentials. Use of these credentials by Aftermath Islands and its programs continues to reinforce our focus, not only on building a Metaverse with wide appeal, but promoting the positive sentiment that we are seeing from users that have embraced the Liquid Avatar Mobile App and the Meta Park Pass as participants in an ecosystem that insures users are real and that they don't have to worry about fake or multiple account holders, phishing attempts, bots and other nefarious actors. 


Our core efforts remain squarely on digital identity, avatars, digital good and services and the Metaverse and we believe that by providing seamless, no download experiences, wide availability on a host of devices and the integration of Web2 with Web3, we will continue to see revenues, engagement, and growth."

If you're a small cap investor that wants exposure to successful Web3 and Metaverse companies, make sure to watch this great interview with $LQID CEO David Lucatch.

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