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John, you call that "a rant"???   All the members on this Hub know what a real "rant" is.  We saw them every day on "TOB", the other board.  John, I will take your version of "a rant" any day over what we all endured elsewhere.  I am a big fan of LAC, but I am a bigger fan of Agoracom.  Kate is, of course, right.. it will all pay off in the end. 

LAC is, unfortunately, a stock that can be played by an adept "Trader".  I hate to admit it, but those who have skillfully traded LAC over the past 3 or 4 years have probably more "Hits" than "Misses" on their scoreboard.  You don't know that ahead of time, it just worked out that way for LAC.  Another "hate to admit", but if I had it all to do over again I probably would have traded LAC myself now that I have the benefit of hind site reflection. 

So is there a "however"?

Maybe not 6 months ago or a year ago, but today we sit on the edge of a proximity event that may or may not effect a significant and rapid change in share price:  the impact of the DFS.  In theory it is supposed to be released tomorrow if we are still holding to the H1, 2020 time table.  I doubt that said release will happen tomorrow.  If there is a PR then most likely it will be a lame "due to the Coronavirus we have had to adjust our timetable for release of the Definitive Feasibility Study to 'sometime' in H2 of 2020, despite our best efforts to validate our initial projection for the scheduled release"... or something equally equivalent to verbal Pablum. Word games are what administrations do to justify good and bad decisions so I expect nothing less than some bland PR at some point by LAC that tries to put the company's best foot forward, whether said delay is due to Coronavirus or to anything else.  It is what it is.

That doesn't mean I have given up on seeing the DFS, no reason for that fatalistic opinion.  It will become a reality.  I am hoping that it's impact will be very positive, but a 1-2 punch would provide better insurance of providing an impetus for a better Share Price.  So, what would be the 2nd punch?  Well, all of us know that pumpers elsewhere are pumping up their anticipation of 3d party financing for Thacker Pass.  Should that become a reality instead of hyperbole and should it come immediately after release of the DFS then, of course, our 1-2 punch might serve as a knock out barrage to eliminate once and for all the hovering between $3 and $5 a share and at least allow us to adjust that hovering to the $5 to $10 range or even beyond.. to tide things over until production starts at Cauchari-Olaroz, which itself it just a stepping stone for eventual production initiation at Thacker Pass.

Again, John:  Nice "Rant".  Many thanks for every thing you do here... and at "TOB".  I promise no one will throw epithets here for anyone who posts a "Rant" like the one you posted.  We are just fortunate to have you here as a contributor.  I see your "Treasurer" status has been returned.  Great!! 

We have one other member who is very close to the "Treasurer" status as well.  It may not mean much to all of you who have committed to keeping our small group alive on this Hub,but I want to see everyone here progress up the "Ranks" on Agoracom because I know each of you from TOB and it was there that I learned just how valuable were and are your opinions.   Okiedo

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