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May 13, 2022 01:15PM

You're right it's a very important level and let's hope we're over the worst. As I mention in another post, it's not fair that Lac should go down because it does not make sense. The fact is, and I have set this pattern in other stocks, in the year 2000 0g 2008. It often happens that when all stocks fall, you try to buy more in the stocks where you have lost the most by selling them where you have gained . Therefore, there many have sold Lac since the threadstone has been there, and they feel there is time to repurchase later in the year. Likewise, the short share has grown again by more than a few million share.

My hope is that we now see the sale is over and shorts will be forced to close position.

This post is only hypotheses, but seen before. For information, I lost heavily on stocks in 2000, managed sensibly in 2008, but did not have enough patience. Hoping for even better result this time. However, still have a good plus in Lac, and this is achieved by buying from 22 (that was where the big investor bought at 22, it was not me, but I followed) and down to 15, and then bought at all levels every time I could afford a smaller portion.

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