Message: Re: Keeping track of the price of lithium

Hi Okiedo,

no problem with your graph, the point is, that the the moment, there isnt one single price for Lithium, the one, I pointed out comes from China, where most of Li2CO3 is being consumed at the moment. (the graph show $14 and a change, China spot is $13.8/kg).

I am glad, that Evans is moving ahead with the project. I am just afraid, that Thacker Pass may be quite late to the party. God knows, what will happen till 2028 with electrification. I have just seen an article, that VW has cut budge for EV development and returned the money to design new ICE engines. Makes me wonder, what VW management knows what we do not?

At the moment, Lithium is out of favour. They need to close all those money loosing mines first, to make a change. That is not going to happen at current price. Too bad, I was not such smart a.s.s year ago.

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