The company generated $37.9 million in 2020 revenue

Message: VIDEO – Logiq Is The AGORACOM of The E-commerce World, Sees Q3 2021 Revenue Exceeding $7.7 Million, up ~10%

VIDEO – Logiq Is The AGORACOM of The E-commerce World, Sees Q3 2021 Revenue Exceeding $7.7 Million, up ~10%

posted on Oct 31, 2021 07:35PM

The global e-commerce market surpassed $9 TRILLION in 2019 … and is scheduled to grow by a CAGR of 14% into 2027 … But mega brands control almost 70% of the US market alone and are using their strength to win even more market … making it harder for SMBs to compete in this massive market   

Logiq .... a public company for just 4 months…. is an award-winning e-commerce and fintech solutions company that is addressing that problem by helping drive e-commerce for SMBs around the world … with revenues of $37.9M in 2020 …. from 2 divisions:   

AppLogiq - In Southeast Asia AL offers a mobile application development platform as-a-service which enables hundreds of thousands of SMBs to create mobile apps with little technical expertise or know-how …  Offered across Southeast Asia, Europe and U.S. in 14 languages .. …. also offers a mobile fintech payment platform (PayLogiQ) and a hyper-local food delivery service (GoLogiq)   

DataLogiq - provides a data-driven, end-to-end e-commerce marketing solution that integrates AI to help SMBs in need of online marketing solutions.   

Financial Highlights:

  • 2020 revenue of $37.9 million … 31% CAGR since 2016
  • Revenue H1-21 $16.4 million
  • Revenue Q2-21 $8.3 million …
    • margin of 29.5%
    • up 16.4 percentage points from the year-ago quarter.

Prelim Q3-21

  • Expects revenue to exceed $7.7 million, up ~10% from the same year-ago quarter
  • Gross margin is expected to expand to more than 29.0%, nearly doubling from 15.8% in the same year-ago quarter.

Brent Suen, President of Logiq, Inc. comments,

 “…our strong year-over-year topline results and margin expansion reflects our success with the transformation of our business over the last year. This has included strategic acquisitions, a major reorganization, and the transition to higher margin, higher quality revenue streams.

Combined with now a healthier balance sheet, stronger corporate governance, and high-growth trajectory fueled by major customer wins, we believe we have emerged from the daunting challenges created by the global pandemic and are now in a strong position to qualify for a Nasdaq listing.”

Now sit back, relax and watch this powerful interview with Brent Suen, President & Executive Chairman of Logiq Inc. 

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