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Message: Lomiko Views the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Development As Critical Infrastructure for the New Green Economy

Lomiko Views the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Development As Critical Infrastructure for the New Green Economy

posted on Jan 07, 2021 01:00PM

Lomiko Metals Inc. (“Lomiko”) (TSX-V: LMR, OTC: LMRMF, FSE: DH8C) is focused on the exploration and development of flake graphite in Quebec for the new green economy. Lomiko CEO A. Paul Gill is a member of the Surrey Board of Trade (‘SBOT”) Transportation Committee and whole-heartedly supports SBOT’s endorsement of the project. Lomiko has been monitoring emerging legislation aimed at developing a new green economy and views the Robert Bank Terminal 2 as a necessary project based on economic and environmental considerations.

“We believe in growing a new green economy”, stated A. Paul Gill, CEO of Lomiko Metals, “Canada must have key infrastructure in place to participate in this green-growth strategy.”

Containerized trade capacity on Canada’s West Coast faces a stark reality in the coming years because it has not kept up to demand.  The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, a federal agency with a mandate to enable Canada’s trade, is working on providing the solution by building Roberts Bank Terminal 2 to increase capacity by the mid-2020s.  A proposed marine container terminal in Delta, B.C., if approved, would ensure Canada is able to meet global trade demands for the import and export of containerized goods.  The status quo would result in continuing to lose business to other cities on the West Coast and transporting Canadian goods by tractor-trailer through the United States. These are both sound economic and environmental reasons for this vital infrastructure project.

Based in Surrey, British Columbia, Lomiko Metals is an exploration-stage company engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of resource properties that contain minerals for the new green economy. Minerals such as lithium and graphite make up the heart of a lithium-ion battery and Canada is in the fortunate position to be rich in high-quality deposits of both. With a focus on graphite at the La Loutre Project in Quebec, Lomiko is developing this critical material to supply a future market for Electric Vehicles and to help facilitate the transition to the new green economy.  

The opportunity to develop and provide graphite materials supply for the green economy is more viable if Lomiko is able to move products across the supply chain in an efficient manner in the future. Infrastructure projects like the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project are necessary in making sure that Canada’s economic engine is running at its full potential. With strong supply chain support, Canadian businesses such as Lomiko Metals will be able to play a key role in new markets for Electric Vehicles and Clean Technology.

Once the container terminal is operational, it would add approximately $1.2 billion in GDP into the Canadian economy on an annual basis. Tax revenues distributed across all levels of government from the project include $300 million during construction and $205 million annually during terminal operations. This revenue is in-turn invested in our communities and helps shape our way of life. It is more funding for our schools, hospitals, and first responders.  If Roberts Bank Terminal 2 is not built, increasing import demand for container cargo by Canadians will go through U.S. ports. This would result in higher costs, higher transportation emissions, and unrealized economic opportunities, including jobs, for Canadians.

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On behalf of the board

“A. Paul Gill”

A. Paul Gill

Director & Chief Executive Officer

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