Leveling the playing field between online retail giants and brick & mortar businesses

Signed most significant partnership in its history with NTT DATA, a top-ranked global IoT services company, and subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, the world’s 4th largest telecom company, ranked 55th In Fortune Global 500

Message: WOW!!!

i have been an active investor for over 20 years and have never seen a CEO be so accessible to his/her shareholders. To take the time to answer our questions or address our concerns when the company is clearly running on all cylinders shows an unrivalled committment. It can never be said enough but thank you for all of your efforts and the extra effort you make to your shareholders. I'm all in (down for now but more confident than ever that it won't be for long). 

All the best to you, Rob. I lost my father this year so I can appreciate the challenges you are going through, especially during the holidays. You have my prayers.



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