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Signed most significant partnership in its history with NTT DATA, a top-ranked global IoT services company, and subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, the world’s 4th largest telecom company, ranked 55th In Fortune Global 500

Message: A Full Serving of Disruptions - LOOP Style

Good Evening Rob, to You & your Team.

 A never ending, Job well done, I say as many can see with the NRs you provide. Keeping us well informed does give us the info required to do a solid DD.

 Many Thanks from myself & Others. 

 I love the future I see in this firm, and the future is now as you continue to deliver the ' golden eggs ' from our ' Golden Goose ' called LOOP.

 I don't see any one else out there in the market place, as a firm, that delivers with so many pilot projects addressing so many diverse needs of ' Needy ' customers.

 Simply put, IMO, customers/clients/partners are becoming very needy of the LOOP AI offerings.

 It appears, IMO, that the ever increasing # and speed of new pilots will add quite nicely to the revenues. Upon successful completion I expect they will also be leading to significant, ongoing revenues. An olde saying for this would be ' Now we're off to the Races '. All good.

 Great work. The hard work is much appreciated to make things most ' Disruptive ', and needed by the customers both great & small. As an investor, I'm living the dream.



P.S. I really enjoyed your reaching out some time ago to a manufacturer about a possible extreme monthly capacity for the FOBI product needed to address global demand as required. 



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