Commercialized a highly effective skin cancer scanning device

Initial orders from its Brazilian distribution partner could result in $8M of hardware sales over the next 2 years

MedX Health Corporation Profile


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MedX Health Corp.


  • Commercialized a regulatory-approved highly effective skin cancer scanning telemedicine platform in 37 Countries
  • Provides images that can be uploaded on the company’s proprietary cloud-based tele-health platform and sent securely to local dermatologists for assessment
  • Patients can receive their  assessment and receive treatment within 72 hours after the initial screening
  • Immanent expansion into Mexico, Europe and USA
  • Initial orders from its Brazilian distribution partner that could result in $2 million of hardware sales over the next 2 years and a run-rate of $14 million of high margin, recurring platform revenue by the end of FY22
  • Dermatologists have declared these images the “next best thing to being there” in person
  • Platform has been proven through a proof-of-concept trial in Norway (109 Boots pharmacies captured 80,000 scans and found 800 cases of melanoma)
  • Began a rollout of the DermSecure telemedicine platform, across the Netherlands in partnership with  The Netherlands Institute for Prevention and Health
    • Two skin screening clinics opened in November 2020, with more than 800 assessments on close to 500 patients completed to in 2 months using MedX's DermSecure ® platform
    • IVPG plans to expand to 41 skin assessment clinics by 2022
    • The Netherlands has a very high rate of skin cancer and our platform is receiving a strong adoption rate.  

Does This Product Satisfy A Need?

  • Skin cancer accounts for one-third of all cancer cases and is one of the only forms of cancer that is increasing in prevalence
  • Early detection can result in a survival rate of 98%
  • If left undetected, skin cancer and melanoma in particular, metastasizes very quickly, dropping the survival rate down to 25%
  • Rigorous and regular screening regiment now more important than ever

What Is The Biggest Challenge To The Dermatology Industry?



  • Canada has 537 Dermatologists serving 37 million people
  • Wait times to see a Dermatologist can be between 5 to 18 months in Canada under current referral method
  • A GP will see a melanoma once every 5-7 years, however the GP is not very skilled at identifying a melanoma and thus refers the patient to a Dermatologist immediately
  • 97% of the patients referred to Dermatologists for pigmented lesions do not need to be seen by a Dermatologist as their moles or lesions are benignMDX-1


MedX’s SIAscope captures images ‘2mm’ below the skin’s surface

  • Only technology that can capture images below the skins surface
  • The SIAscope is placed directly on the suspicious mole allowing no ambient light to distort the image
  • The fixed focal point and controlled light wavelengths allow for a perfect Dermascopic image as well as 4 additional images
  • The SIAscope is the only scanner in the world that can achieve this


DermSecure: A Fully Integrated Telemedicine Platform 

  • Chrome browser, cloud based, secure network platform hosted by AWS
  • MedX’s Patient Management System was designed by Dermatologists to capture all relevant patient information to provide a rapid  accurate assessment
  • DermSecureTM makes Teledermatology accurate, efficient and integrates into current Electronic Medical Record platforms and workflow seamlessly



Skin Cancer is a Major Public Health Problem


  • Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the world, more than 13 million cases are diagnosed annually
  • About 60,000 people die every year from skin cancer worldwide
  • Melanoma continues to rise at a faster rate than the 7 most common cancers, including prostate and breast cancer
  • Every hour of every day, one person dies of melanoma in the United States

 MedX Saves Lives While Potentially Saving Millions of Dollars In Healthcare Costs


How Does The Company Make Money?



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