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Message: Public's interest in Gold is dead.

I wanted to create some discussion regarding Mcewen Mining. Now that the share price is nice and low no one is interested. Don't miss the boat, long term price target is $9 currently stock is trading at $2.88.

Why speculate with no name stocks in the gold sector, Don't play the majors they are to large not enough upside. Choose a mid-tier gold producer with huge upside and security that you wont be diluted.

If there is a financing pretty sure he (Rob Mcewen) will give it to the share holders and not a sindicate of investment banks that will trash the stock after doing the financing.

Mcewen Mining is the only stock you need to own, in the gold sector diversification is worsification. You want to own the clear winner nothing more nothing less. Go MUX!

At the end of the cycle you can put you nest egg into RY for the dividend until then shoot for the moon.


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