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Medical Marijuana Inc Management

Bruce Perlowin

Chairman & CEO

On March 23, 2009, Bruce Perlowin launched the first public corporation (PINKSHEETS: MJNA) solely based on the Medical Marijuana Industry. Through the public company (which was granted on March 24, 2009 by the Secretary of State of Oregon, the official name, Medical Marijuana, Inc.) he intends to legitimize this industry, as a part of his decades of advocating the benefits of legalization of medical marijuana. He also intends to provide solutions to governments and communities that will ensure efficient regulation, and to ensure and profit from better monitoring and taxation of the Medical Marijuana Industry.

In the early 90s, Bruce Perlowin co-founded Globalcom 2000. This company was primarily in the prepaid phone card business, which at that time was a virtually unknown market, with only a few producers. That company became the fastest growing, and one of the largest, phone card companies in the U.S. Among the many 1st accomplished in that business, was the 7-11 account, which was captured as the 1st phone card in the U.S. with a corporate logo.

Throughout the past 4 decades, Bruce participated in the network marketing industry and currently holds three world records in that industry. One, for the second largest commission check in the industry, when he earned $176,000 in a company called MyiBiz in 2001. Earlier in 1994, working with One World Communications, he opened 187 training centers around the world, in only 9 months (before the internet or emails were in popular use); a record that is still in effect today.

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