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Message: Horse Mountain drilling begins

Adrian Day:

One more I like… it’s almost an embarrassment of riches. It’s just a question of when they are going to move. I still like Miranda Gold Corp. [MAD:TSX-V]. It’s awfully cheap, very thinly traded again, but it’s a $21 million market cap. It’s got about $12 million in cash, and several joint ventures. They follow the prospect joint venture model. They don’t have to raise any more money, unless they have a particular purpose.

They had a string of bad luck last year with some of their joint venture partners deciding not to renew their joint ventures and a few disappointing results on some of their projects. But, you know, in the last six months, even though the market was going against them, they’ve tied down joint ventures on pretty much all of their properties, most of which are in Nevada, and several of them are drilling.

There are four of them that are going to be drilled for sure before the end of the year. It’s difficult to see how you can go seriously wrong from here. And with various partners, a lot of properties, the odds of them being successful at some point are, let’s say, much higher than for most.

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