Nevada Cortez Gold Trend

4th largest gold producing area in the world

Miranda Gold Profile

Miranda Gold Corp., TSX.V : MAD; OTCBB : MRDDF; Frankfurt & Berlin Stock Exchange : MRG.

Miranda is a gold exploration company concentrating its generative efforts in Nevada's Cortez Gold Trend. Our focus is exploration - the stage that offers the strongest rewards and growth potential for shareholders.

Mitigating the risk of exploration is done through our joint venture business model allowing us to be active on 14 projects without diluting our share structure or our treasury

  • Currently sitting at CA$10.8 million.

Led by some of the most experienced and talented geologists in Nevada, Miranda Gold Corp. is committed to the exploration and discovery of world-class deposits in one of the most promising gold belts in the world.

JV Partners

Miranda Gold Corp. has a reputation as one of the best project generators in Nevada attracting a variety of mining companies to fund the exploration on our properties. By successfully leveraging our technical expertise into joint venture partnerships we lower the risk of early stage exploration and preserve shareholder wealth. In exchange for earned interest in the projects they finance, our Joint Venture partners also allow for greater growth opportunities for shareholders. Below is a list of our current partners:

Newcrest Mining Ltd.

Newcrest explores for, develops and operates gold and copper mines in Australia and overseas. It has a strategy focused on expanding discovery for long term results.

Newcrest recently signed a Letter of Intent to Joint Venture on Miranda Gold's Horse Mountain project whereby Newcrest may earn a 60% interest by funding $3,200,000 over a four year period. The first year's expenditure of $500,000 is an obligation. In order to earn an additional 10% interest, Newcrest must then fund an additional $5,000,000 of qualified expenditures over a three year period.

Piedmont Mining Company Inc.

Piedmont Mining Company, Inc. is focused on exploration of properties in Nevada that have the potential to host high-grade gold and/or silver deposits. The Company's strategy is to select properties which it believes have exceptional potential and option or joint venture them only with experienced exploration groups. The Company does not intend to build its own exploration staff. The Company has now entered into earn-in agreements with experienced exploration groups on 7 gold and/or silver properties in Nevada.

Piedmont has entered a joint venture agreement with Miranda Gold on the PPM Project, located in the north-end of the Battle Mountain-Eureka Trend. Under the terms of the agreement, Piedmont must expend at least $175,000 in exploration work during the first year of the agreement, $200,000 during the second year, $300,000 during the third year, $425,000 during the fourth year and $650,000 during the fifth year of the agreement. Upon completing the total $1,750,000 work expenditure requirement, Piedmont will have earned a 55% interest in the property and the project. At that point, Piedmont and Miranda would enter into a joint venture with Piedmont being the operator. After the first year of the agreement, Piedmont may terminate the agreement at any time on 30 days written notice.

White Bear Resources Inc.

White Bear Resources is a junior mining company currently working on its Initial Private Offering.

White Bear is joint ventured on two properties with Miranda Gold. In the first agreement, on Angel Wing, White Bear can earn a 60% interest in the property by funding $2,500,000 in exploration activities over a period of five years. White Bear may then elect to earn an additional 10% interest by funding a bankable feasibility study or by spending an additional $10,000,000. The first and second year work expenditures - $100,000 and $200,000 respectively - are obligations in the agreement.

The second agreement on Iron Point requires that White Bear fund $2,000,000 in exploration activities over a five year period. By funding this exploration White Bear would earn a 60% interest in the project, with the option to earn an additional 10% by funding a bankable feasibility study. A minimum expenditure of $300,000 is required in the first year of the agreement.

Queensgate Resources Corporation

Queensgate Resources Corporation (QGR) is a Montreal, QC based natural resources exploration company focusing on discovering and developing precious metals properties in Nevada. With over 45 years experience working from a technical office in Vancouver, BC; QGR acts either independently or as a joint venture partner to fund and execute exploration work programs on grassroots level and advanced stage exploration properties where a resource may require further delineation and validation.

Queensgate has an exploration funding agreement on three of Miranda Gold's properties: Coal Canyon, BPV, and CONO. Queensgate must fund $3,000,000 in exploration activities over a five-year period in order to earn a 51% interest in the properties. Upon earning a 51% interest Queensgate may earn an additional 9% interest, for a total of 60%, by funding an additional $2,000,000 and can eventually earn up to a 70% interest in all three properties by funding a bankable feasibility study on any one of the properties. The first year's $260,000 is an obligation that will include exploration expenditures as well as payments to maintain the underlying mineral lease. In addition to the work expenditures, Queensgate will issue 100,000 common shares of Queensgate to Miranda.

Montezuma Mines Inc.

Montezuma Mines Inc. is a mineral exploration company focused principally on the exploration of its Montezuma property in Nevada, on the advancement of its earlier stage exploration property Vasquir, also in Nevada, and the Kuusamo property in Finland.

CMQ Resources

CMQ signed a Letter of Intent on Miranda's Red Canyon project in 2008 whereby CMQ can earn a 60% interest by funding $4,000,000 over five years. CMQ may then elect to earn an additional 10% by completing a bankable feasibility study or by funding $10,000,000 in additional exploration.The first year's work commitment of $500,000 is an obligation.

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