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Message: Where is the August Press Release
I guess the new mgmt members do not speak english! Maybe they could give us an update in French! From what I get, these mgrs are no better than the last mgr in regard to updating the share owners. With such a long period of silence, you must assume that they are up to no good! It is a shame because I was hoping that the new CFO, Mr. Dallas Sader, of Reginia, Saskatchewan, would want to provide us the latest. Let's look up, the MEO Mgmt officials and members of the board and post their information here so that we can call them and ask for and update. Let's do this until they provide us an update. Let's make their private lives public until they provide us an update or they get tired of us and move on to another company. I hope Angora stays out of this since they couldn't help us before so I hope they don't decide to defend these non-performing representatives. If they squish this effort, you could then put Agora management in the same category, useless and only intetested in the "Almighty $".
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