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Developing CUMO-The World's Largest Un-mined Open Pit Molybdenum Deposit: Permitting Stage

Message: Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Limited Joins OTCQX

Bonanza Ledge & Cariboo: Both properties were MSQ but JV'ed to BGM. As I read the news, MSQ presentations & filings it seems MSQ retains 50% of each. Both sites are under development by BGM and according to BGM should produce 40K to 50K in total annually starting in less than a year. So, if MSQ portion is 20K to 25K oz. gold annually that should throw off one helluva lot of cash which MSQ can use to advance MSQ objectives. Wouldn't this be enough to handle CUMO needs? I don't know why MSQ would need any more financing than this free cash flow?

Anybody on top of this, please let me know: am I right? Or, am I reading this wrong?

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