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Message: INTERVIEW: Mountain Valley MD Enters LOI To Develop Products for the Medical Sleep Market Strictly Using Cannabinoids

INTERVIEW: Mountain Valley MD Enters LOI To Develop Products for the Medical Sleep Market Strictly Using Cannabinoids

posted on Sep 30, 2021 04:14PM

MVMD Takes Existing Vaccines and Drugs - And Delivers Them Better. Both Into The Body and By Transportation To The World. Way Better.

For the purposes of introducing you to Mountain Valley MD (MVMD), we’ll use vaccines as an example given the state of the world since COVID-19 arrived. Specifically, we’ve all heard more about vaccines in 12 months than we have in the last 12 years. One thing we all know about vaccines is that vaccination is the safest way to protect people against infectious diseases.


One thing we don’t know or understand about vaccinations is that they are only as good as:

1. The global physical delivery system that actually gets them from the manufacturer to the hands of nurse who injects the vaccine;

2. The delivery system into your body (i.e. injection)

If either parts of these delivery systems are weak, or even fail, a vaccine loses some or even all of its potency - and that’s not good. This is where MVMD comes in. They don’t make the vaccines, drugs or pharmaceuticals.

What they do is make their delivery better. Their physical delivery until their ultimate delivery into your body - and that is very good. By doing so, they help save lives and they help manufacturers be more profitable - and that is very good for humanity and shareholders.

A “magic bullet” is of little use without a “magic gun” - Mountain Valley MD Is The Magic Gun.

Check out these Trials & Research MVMD is accomplishing with their Vaccine technology to improve our lives:

* Expanding Oncology Work for BreastCancer using Quicksol™ technology applications

* Farm Animal Trials Using Solubilized Ivermectin

* Discovering Immediate Demand for Generic Ivermectin Uses

The latest news Involves utilizing their vaccine technology to address & develop products for the Medical Sleep Market in the U.S. strictly using cannibinoids.

Sit back and enjoy the great interview with President & CEO Dennis Hancock as he explains the developing relationship with Red White & Bloom to create products for the US sleep market.

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